geophysical measurement
category : 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4
studies : 264 265 263 265 201 209 250 225 48 265 225 200 201 209 250 264 265 261 39 264 265 225 263 262
topics :
        casedocument for the case study number
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        This cross-reference of bibliographic records was enclosed in a Thomson EndNote database (lastly: c2008003.enl) which uses the EndNote XML export (version 14.0) file . It relies on additional XML elements added to the research notes field of a bibliographic record, nominating the categories to which the reference is relevant. These categories are from the Field Geologist's Manual (Monograph 9, AusIMM) and re-used in Table 11 (review of computing application against geophysical measurement) of the Grimoire of Geological Computing. The XML elements are an agglomeration of examples from Ray and Ray 2002; with Howlett and Dunmall 2000. I am still waiting on an available and published XML grammar that is geologically succinct with free documentation to replace these elements.