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Broadview Freemasons Centre, hall for hire

I am afraid there is not to be food or drink and obviously no smoking in the foyer, but please feel free to use the heritage collection as a back drop to your photographs, the Masonic arch is a winner with brides.

The centre is a private hall so we don't carry public liability for events, similarly you may need to consider an alcohol permit and security. Try the informative 'Party Safe' brochures from the Holden Hill police station, and Mr Sassine may have a tips.

As for decorating the hall (we have special balloon hooks high on the walls) and setting up it is nominally 10am you get the key, but Mr Sassine works around this so you should discuss that with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

After keeping our rate the same since 2002, in 2010 we raised the cost to $350 a night with $500 bond refunded if the hall is returned in good state.

What does it cost to hire the hall ?

What time can we get the key ?

public liability insurance cover ?

Can we have a reception in the foyer ?

I have done some rough seating plans in Microsoft Office Document Image format, if you need them in Adobe PDF please let me know (, I just havenít got around to it yet.

Are there any seating plans?

For hall hire please contact

Phone: (08) 8367 9381

hall manager

Both the band and DJ are acceptable, the requirement is that the music and loud noise is off by 12 midnight, and you are clear of the place by 1 am Sunday morning. We also provide a piano (tuned) and an organ on the stage, very convenient for 'Happy Birthday' and more intimate songs. The floor is polished wood, intended for dancing, so everyone's knees will be in good order the next day.

Can we have a DJ or a band ?

Our kitchen is for your use, it is a favourite with caterers for its space and access to the barbecue/spit platform and we have just replaced the gas stove.

kitchen use ?

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