The drink fridge can take and cool cartons of beer. The white food fridge, ice cream in the freezer.

Barbecue pad, and easy access door to the kitchen and storage room. Caterers love the ease with which they can unload supplies, have quick smoke and then wash their hands in basin immediately on re-entering the kitchen; or bring tin hot meat in the shortest possible distance


Below is the washing-up area, notice separate hand wash basin with biocide on the far left, near the door to the barbecue area

Preparation benches surround all appliances. We try to keep the appliances up to date. As well as the fridge, the pie warmer has been replaced as below.

For hall hire contact:

Phone: (08) 8367 9381

hall manager

Broadview Freemasons Centre Association Inc.

Broadview Freemasons Centre, hall for hire

Extra large stove with vented range hood ideal for winter soup or haggis. 


The kitchen at the Broadview Freemasons Centre was redesigned on the basis of forty years experience catering at the hall. Food can be prepared in an effective, safe manner and served through the kitchen hatch. The hatch has a roller door to allow preparations to occur without affecting the event. Caterers can deliver to the kitchen via the door leading from the store room which has an external door for direct access to the car park, garden and a graveled barbeque platform.

The features continue with:

· Food fridge with freezer for ice-cream

· Separate drinks fridge

· Extra–large stove with range hood

· Central preparation table

· Pie-warmer

The serving hatch and plating up benches, which feature the microwaves below, at the far left corner

Hire facilities

For hall hire contact:

Phone: (08) 8367 9381

hall manager