Table 1 shows the software I am currently using in my own office to undertake mineral surveying work. Details on this 'we use it ourselves' recommendation can be found in the 'Grimoire of Geological Computing'
Table 1: Software versus application and module
(outcome & activity) logic astronomy arithmetic music geometry rhetoric grammar
I. Reconnaissance
(research & cataloguing)
GS Scripter Legacy Family Tree AGI AusGeoref GA OGC WMS GS MapViewer DM O.E.D.
II. Field work
(field data & verification)
MS Notepad CinG feldbuch.xls GS Surfer CinG feldbuch.xls MS Outlook
III. Preparation of results
(analyses & processing)
MS Access Legacy Family Tree MS Excel GS Surfer GS MapViewer MS PowerPoint MS Word
IV. Project review
(corporate information & data sharing)
CinG Tau MS Internet Explorer CinG Intranet G. FreeView 9 MS Internet Explorer CinG feldbuch.accdb
V. Proposal for further work
(presentation & publishing)
MS PowerPoint Legacy Family Tree MS PowerPoint MS Publisher
VI. Reporting
(archive & reporting)
MS cmd.exe T. R. EndNote Google Earth T. R. EndNote
AGI  American Geological Institute
CinG  Computers in Geology  
DM  Data Metallogenica
GS  Golden Software Inc.
Google  Google Inc./ Open Geopatial Consortium (OGC)
T R.  Thomson Reuters
MS  Microsoft Corporation
G.  Geomatica
Legacy  Millennia Corporation
O.  Oxford Press