The Microsoft Access database Feldbuch is a Computers in Geology prototype designed using the ELASTIC data model. The ELASTIC data model is for earth observatory databases run by one or two scientists. It has the benefit of mixing together data from several projects or prospects, and then recombining the data to make a single "earth model" data set.

This page is a simple proof-of-concept where files resulting from several research projects are referenced with abstracts. The Feldbuch database is not a marketing, bibilographic, or content-management database; the catalogue here has been produced from the same tables that hold measurements and other observations.

Portable Document Format (PDF) and other files for downloading

This a cross-reference of the bibliographic records from a Microsoft Access database Feldbuch (feldbuch.accdb). The components to do the work, which occurs on a scientists laptop, are intended to be available on the 'KML for Geologists' CD-ROM, please send me an e-mail if you are interested. In summary the process is:

  1. Export, in Microsoft Access 2010, the Feldbuch_Abstracts query to an Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) file. The Document Type Definition (DTD) file, BILBY/VERS_9/Feldbuch_Abstracts.dtd, was also extracted at the same time of 2011-10-01T17:20:03
  2. The XML file has then been reformatted using the XSL(T) file Prods2HTM.xsl with the propietary Visual Basic Applications script search.vb.
Examples for heritage societies
Cupboard label template (33)
Use this Microsoft Publisher template to print out cupboard labels for your heritage society hall. This is set up for the standard Avery label j8162 available from Officeworks. Already linked to the list of texts given in stickers.doc, just mail merge to produce them.
Data source for cupboard labels (34)
There are 16 phrases to use as labels for cupboards on your heritage hall. Based on the real life example of the Broadview Freemasons Centre, this data file is automatically referenced from the j8162 template (Microsoft Publisher) also available here.
Example GSA sponsors talk (32)
This is the presentation I gave to the Adelaide University Geology Society to encourage them to join the Geological Society of Australia and pursue a life of interest, service and responsibility.
Kangaroo recipes (30)
Please take a copy 'Edit > Cut; Edit > Paste' of a recipe [and reference my website, as a poor scientist, I need all the advertising I can get ], they are not all delicious, just stuff I have experimented with, and stuff I have got from other kangaroo cooks.
KML file for Thera, Greece (31)
This is the Google Earth file, that I made up from Helen Rice's photographs of Santorini, it gives you an idea of what you can achieve quite quickly and can be compared against a more traditional picture book style (greece.html), to see if KML tells the story better.
St Peters United (55)
This seating layout, a favourite of the St Peters United Lodge, seats 84 guests with southern buffet (tables17, 18 and 19), steward's table (#20), port and sherry table (#22) and raffle (table 21) tables.
Table settings for the Freemasons Centre (29)
This Microsoft Office Image Document shows plan of the Broadview Freemasons Centre marked with table layouts that I have noticed in the past. This is to help caterers and hirers plan their event.
Table settings for the Freemasons Centre (29)
This Microsoft Word document has the notes to each table layout plan of the Broadview Freemasons Centre, an allocation template and cleaning checklists.
The Christening (56)
This seating layout features trestles put together to make squares tables of 8 guests each.
Examples with a geology focus
Bibliographic references for Computers in Geology publications (35)
The Thomson EndNote XML file contains the references for the Grimoire of Geological Computing and supporting papers I have published
Geology greeting cards (28)
A catalogue of greeting cards I have sent to my clients over the years. Each has a geological flavour and is an example of how to convey science into the community
Grimoire of geological computing (27)
The Computers in Geology 'grimoire of geological computing' is an observatory manual for geologists using computers. Included are fact tables for estimating parameters, Microsoft Excel equations, example computing exercises and the glossary of geological computing.
Student Excercises (26)
This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet contains the student exercises mentioned in the Grimoire of Geological Computing.
To download these documents click on the hyperlink and save to your own computer. You should check each file with a virus checker before using it with the appropriate software. The suffix indicates the program to use: .doc = Microsoft Word 2003, .kml = Google Earth (or other KML browser), .MDI = Microsoft Office Document Image .ppt = Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 slides, .pub= Microsoft Publisher 2003 template, .xls = Microsoft Excel 2003 spreadsheet

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