In January 1992 I wrote the first ‘Computers in Geology’ newsletter. It was printed on both sides of an A4 page and I posted it out to everyone who I knew was interested in the application of computers to practical geology and may give me some work. There have been a few more since then, but I moved to the Internet, as it was quicker and easier to have an ongoing edition. It is not cheaper, as my internet service provider costs are about five times my photocopying budget.

The benefit to me is the quickness and accessibility, so please don’t expect accuracy! Unlike paper there are no dead lines and no proofs. The pages are written from notes in my pocketbook and errors are fixed as they are found. Still I am not alone I think it is now called "blogging". For my current blog see:
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Volcanic gas monitoring on Neo Kemani. Part of the volcano warning system on the island of Thera. The last eruption was in 1958.

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