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Brighten up your own web pages with toys used on these web pages.

Geoscience Gateway

The Geoscience Gateway has a number of toys which can be embedded on a web page to give you additional information. Some like the gold price are provided by other web sites, whereas others like the calendar functions have been scripted by myself and then there are just the straight compilations like ‘kangaroo recipes’ or more complex charts like the ‘space-time’ continuums. Then for heritage groups and merchants there are also examples set-up in Microsoft Publisher pages. Here is a cross-reference:

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Thanks to Chris Kay for the second home page design and advice on cleaning up/colorizing my initial “black and white, no-nonsense”. That first layout was inspired by the business stationery of Ian Sykes of XL Petroleum. This current  and third one is out of the Microsoft Publisher box. Thank you also to colleagues: Ian Edwards, Ghazi Kraishan, Ben Moretti for their critique.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets I wrote and use myself:

· A financial report system for ATO personal tax (BAL*.xls)

· Expenses journal system for GST (jour*.xls)

· A professional fee spreadsheet (feecalc.xls)

· Share trading monitor (SHARES.xls)

· Register of disks and tapes used for backup iof your computer system (backreg.xls)

· Personal financial asset analysis (asset.xls)

Need a spreadsheet or database written, use mine!

Microsoft Access databases I wrote and use myself:

· Research amortization tracker (amort.mdb based on the ATO standard of 25-years)

· Summary and analysis of financial reports from listed companies (one-sf.mdb)