Reducing the uncertainty in nature, for all endeavour

Glossary of Geological Computing

This page gives definitions for terms that crop up in geo-computing.

Web developments and other products

This section of the 'Computers in Geology' website deals with bits of software and ideas which I have developed to the stage where they can be used by others. The aim is to give you a few things you can use and pass around to your colleagues.  

Grimoire of geological computing

The Computers  in Geology ‘grimoire of geological computing’ is an observatory manual for geologists using computers. Included are fact tables for estimating parameters, Microsoft Excel equations, example computing exercises and the glossary of geological computing. It is fully indexed and extends to over 100 pages.

The professions of mineral surveying

As part of a careers page I list all the different synonyms for jobs involving mineral surveying that I come across.

These are supported by links to education and academic research centres for these careers

Expedition to Greece 2001

An archeological and historical adventure  to Santorini, Delphi and Meteora.

Special thank you to Helen Rice for creating this ‘Expedition to Greece’ photograph album.

Databases of earth data

A list of links to web sites with earth science policy, standards, business and map based data for the earth sciences

Search Engines

See how you can use XML and related standards to turn a series of bibliographic entries from Thompson EndNote into active web-site. Compare this to the Index page which has been generated in a similar way but with MSXML5 module provided by Microsoft

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Broadview Freemasons Centre

A demonstration of making a web-page for a heritage group based on the do-it-yourself tips in the Grimoire of Geological Computing.