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The time in the great mineral provinces of Australia.
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I configure and assist with the following computer software:

Here are the computer programs I have been familiar with. I have moved the programming languages I had listed here to the standards section.

* Overview only, but I would like an opportunity to work intensively with the software.

[The logo for the Golden Software] [The logo for Hexagon Spatial who own the ERDAS software] [The button for the WaterNix cloud at Hydroplan] [The logo for the Petrolog from Crocker Data Processing.] [The logo for the Magian Design Studios.] [The logo for the Geographic Resources Analysis Support System] [The header for the Geobase site, distributors of AZEVA software.] [The logo for the alliance of AT&T Bell Laboratories and universities worldwide that store freely available scientific computer code]

I support and recommend these associations:

I currently belong to:

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